Why is Google Plus important for my business?

Why is Google Plus important for my businessGoogle Plus is a game changer for businesses and in this post I’m going to let you in on a Google Plus secret – why it’s so important.

With so many social media platforms available to businesses you must choose which platforms are right for your business. I personally chose Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus for Thread Marketing because I felt these were the right platforms to engage other businesses. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when starting your business. So I decided to concentrate on building my Facebook following first as it’s the platform I’m most familiar with. Remember you can focus your efforts in one space and grow.

As I’m comfortable with using Facebook as a business now and happy with how my page is progressing, I’m ready to rock the next social media platform. That’s how this post came about. I have been researching Google Plus and how to harness its full potential. Let me share my findings with you.

Why is Google Plus important for my business?

Google Plus can significantly improve your google ranking in search and therefore provide you with more website visits and increase your leads. You’ve just got to convert those leads!

The number of users on Google Plus exceeds 340 million – that’s a huge audience for you to shine in front of – so take advantage of Google’s hard work.

By nature social media is where people go to connect. Jump aboard the Google Plus train and reach out to potential clients and other businesses in an environment their happy to participate in.

How to nail Google Plus

  • Treat your Google Plus page like a micro blog – share exclusive content and updates regularly
  • Add relevant people and businesses to your circles
  • Engage with other users in a meaningful way by collaborating, liking, sharing and adding context or nuggets of wisdom to their content
  • Mention other users in your posts where it’s relevant, for example, if you’ve just read a great piece of content, direct your followers to it and mention the author
  • Use hashtags to link your posts to relevant content
  • Ask people to +1 your posts to gain more exposure
  • Post updates and compelling content regularly
  • Invite friends, family and business contacts to like your page for exclusive content – don’t expect them just to know you have a Google Plus business page
  • Join communities relevant to your niche or create your very own and invite people to join
  • Add your Google Plus link to your website and email signature
  • Share great content from other small businesses
  • Use original visuals that are interesting and shareable

What you shouldn’t do on Google Plus

  • Neglect your profile – keep it up to date
  • Spam users – nobody likes spam
  • Annoy people with random notifications – learn more about notification triggers and use them for the really important stuff
  • Don’t follow people or businesses who do not have a complete profile as they most likely do not engage regularly in this social platform
  • Don’t follow people and business that have no relevance to your business

Take your time with implementing all these strategies. Don’t feel as though you need to do it all at once – one task at a time will lead to great results. After sharing all these tips it would be silly for me not to let you know just where to find us on Google Plus. So here we are –  go on, follow Thread Marketing or add Thread Marketing to your circles. Feel free to comment, like, mention us. Let’s connect, collaborate and grow together!

We’ll be implementing these over the next few months so if you’ve got any more great tips or any burning questions about Google Plus comment below.

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