products Hi I’m Kelly Watson, Founding Director at Thread Marketing. I’ve put together a list of products and resources to help you launch or grow your small business. Over time this list will grow with more books, resources and products including some freebies from Thread Marketing.


FREE Project Brief
This resource will assist in guiding you through the steps to get your project off the ground or to brief your project into a designer or other third party providers. Happy creating.


Books I Love

blue oceanBlue Ocean Strategies, W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

Blue Ocean Strategies changed my perspective on business and how to create strategies. It provides a space to dream big and think outside the box to develop a business that is unique. Grab this book if you’re after something to challenge your thinking, and leave the competition behind. Buy now.

Advertising and PromotionAdvertising and Promotion, George E Belch and Michael A Belch

This textbook is in its 9th edition and provides a great foundation for marketing principles. If you’ve never read anything about marketing and you’re starting your own business this book is a must. It will assist you in understanding your ideal customer and how to tap into their world. Buy now.


Books on the reading list 

Four hour work week

Start with Why Digital Minds Measuring marketing Accounting