Perfecting the 7 Ps of marketing

The 7 Ps of marketing

The 7 Ps of marketing will help guide your business and set the foundations for the future.

My philosophy is that marketing is threaded throughout each part of your business and the 7 Ps of marketing is a great place to start.

1. People

You and your employees, subcontractors and even suppliers are a reflection on your business. Your employees can have a profound effect on how customers or clients view your business. Going the extra mile, being friendly and sincere, providing accurate information and prompt service can’t all be written into a position description. However, these attributes contribute towards your brand reputation in a big way.

I believe if you treat your employees well they will most likely be happy to be working for you. If your staff are happy, they provide a better service to your clients or customers. Treating your staff well goes beyond demonstrating appreciation and recognising a job well done. Employees must be given the proper training, have access to support resources and know where to find answers when they don’t know. Furthermore, providing them with the vision of your business can get them on board and sailing toward the same goals.

 2. Process

Process includes anything from how you answer the phone to how you deliver your product or service. Processes should be streamlined and consistent. This includes how your product is packaged or how timely you respond to emails.

3. Product

Does your product meet the needs of your customer? Does it work? Your product should take into account the insights you have into your customers or your potential target market. Your product should meet or exceed the expectations of your customer.

4. Place

Can your target market access the product in a way convenient to them? If your customers are looking for convenience, an online purchase option may be beneficial. If your customers prefer to touch, feel and see the product before purchasing, it should be available in locations where they hang out.

5. Price

Your product or service should always be good value for money. Whether that’s because your service is impeccable or it’s the best product on the market. Value for money does not mean the cheapest product. Value for money means the purchaser is receiving great value for whatever money is paid. Setting your price can be difficult. Investigate what your competitors are setting their prices at to understand where your product sits within the market. This will assist you in understanding what customers are willing to pay for the value you are providing.

 6. Promotion

With technology rapidly evolving this P is not merely advertising in newspapers , TV or radio. Research your target market, find out what their chosen hobby is, which social media platform they can’t live without, where they work and who influences them.

This information will provide you with the ammunition to personalise your communication to them and their needs. Shooting through the thousands of marketing messages we see every day is the goal. Craft your message so it seems you are speaking directly to them.

 7. Physical evidence

Anything you provide to your customer is physical evidence of your business’ values and your commitment to the customer. This includes the packaging of your product – physical or online. The intangible types of products are also included in this category. These products might leave your customers feeling satisfied, more knowledgeable or equipped to make a change in their life.

Use these 7 Ps of marketing to help build your business foundations with strength. If you have a great story about concentrating on one or more of the 7 Ps with great success, please comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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