Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd

Your brand may just be your ticket to success, as savvy consumers have seen it all when it comes to marketing, public relations and advertising.

If your brand is not authentic, you won’t stand a chance against the super powers of today’s savvy consumers. You’ll end up in their delete upon arrival to my inbox file, unsubscribe me immediately box or in their junk mail folder.

In an effort to ensure authenticity when creating a brand or refreshing an existing brand for a business, I remind myself of a few guiding principles that I have shared with you below.

What is branding?

  • It’s your promise to the customer
  • It should reflect the essence of your vision, mission and values
  • It defines how your business works with stakeholders, service providers and customers at every touch point

How is your brand represented to your potential and current customers?

  • Every contact you have with customers or potential customers represents your brand – from how you answer the phone to how your product or service is delivered
  • The tone of all communication with customers
  • The backyard BBQ where one of your employees is talking about work
  • It is not just a logo or series of brand elements – these tangible visuals for your brand represent the intangible brand attributes – your values, the customer experience and goodwill created with your consumers or the community

Consumers receive thousands of advertising messages every week from multiple sources and your business wants to slice through the centre and grab your consumers’ attention until you have finished conveying your message – wouldn’t that be great?

In order to work towards this, your brand must speak to its target audience at the right time with the right tone through the right channel – it’s not about shining bright neon lights in their eyes. The right message presented in a compelling way is anything but bland.

Let’s leap into action!

I have listed some questions below for you to answer which will help you formulate your next steps to improving or creating your brand:

  • How do I want my customers to feel after interacting with my brand?
  • What is the first thing I want my customers to think when they see my logo?
  • Where do my customers hang out? Are they mostly online, picking up the phone or in a particular location?
  • How can you make your customer’s life easier?
  • What’s the most important thing to your customer? Is it time, value, convenience?