Facebook advertising tips

Facebook advertising tipsOn Monday I attended a Doing Day with Grace Lever, I picked up some fantastic Facebook advertising tips, consolidated some learnings about sales funnels and just had a darn good morning!

Today I share these Facebook advertising tips with you to assist you in kicking ass on Facebook and garner those ever elusive leads.

Facebook advertising tips

  • Ask two questions at the top of your advertisement which address pain points for your audience
  • Include an image – think about using a black and white image to contrast from the rest of your audience’s Facebook feed
  • Include a colourful border around your image
  • To assist with your click through rate start with using the learn more or download call to action button, and be cautious about using the sign up button
  • Ensure your copy is relevant to the page on your website you are sending them to, they should know what to expect next
  • In the description part of your advertisement tell your audience what will happen next – will they be watching a video, reading testimonials, reserving their seat at an event or gaining access to a free resource?
  • Select one of the following Facebook advertisement categories when starting your Facebook advertising journey – send people to your website or increase conversions on your website – see which one works best for you

Check out Grace’s free resources including how to hook your ideal client with lead magnets and her 6 part training series to create a profitable lifestyle business.

I hope these Facebook advertising tips assist you to create a great campaign. We’d love to hear your successes with Facebook advertising or if you’re so inclined any tips that have worked for your business – just comment below.


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