Crafting your message

Crafting your message

Crafting your message into perfection is how you connect with your audience, sell more and keep them coming back. We’ve collated a few tips to help get you started.

What do you want to say?

No matter what you are creating, selling, point your trying to get across working out what you want to say is the first and most important step to crafting your message. Grab a pen and paper or open up a document on your computer and write down at least three dot points. Don’t worry about how you write them for now, or whether they have correct grammar and punctuation – just get them down. We can edit later. Remember to include what need you’re fulfilling for your audience.

Find your tone

The next point to consider is how you want your audience to feel after they’ve read or received your message. Are they meant to be feel warm and fuzzy? Then your tone must be friendly and casual. Are they meant to feel informed? Then your tone might be professional and concise. Or do you need them to feel a sense of urgency? Then your tone and words might need to speak directly to taking action.

What do you want them to do?

Arguably one of the most significant steps in crafting your message is to include a call to action. What should their next action be after reading your message? Register, subscribe, click or share? Something to remember here is the why. For example, take action because we don’t want you to miss out – “There are only 10 tickets left. Don’t miss out, register today.”

Pulling it all together

Start by fleshing out your dot points in a logical order. Edit these sentences by overlaying the tone you want to express. Sometimes it’s only a word here or there that needs tweaking. Add your call to action. Then edit, edit, edit. Once you you’re happy with it, share your message with a friend or colleague for feedback. Ask them to put into their own words what you’re trying to say, what your asking your audience to do and how they feel after reading it.

Start practicing by looking at previous messages you’ve crafted and recreate them using the steps above. Happy crafting!

What are your tips for crafting the perfect message?

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