4 simple design tips

simple design tips

Whether you’re designing marketing collateral, producing images or providing feedback to your designer, these 4 simple design tips will help you design like a pro.

You’ve worked hard to start envisioning your brand elements and the right colours for your business, these simple design tips are a guide you should apply to your own brand colours, values and aesthetic.

1. Keep it clean

White space is one of the most important features in any design. Keep it simple and uncluttered. White space draws your audience to the parts of the design you want to stand out. It also ensures your audience isn’t overwhelmed with clutter in the design.

2. Font

Choose a font that’s easy to read whether in lower or upper case. The font should complement the content not over shadow it. As a general rule I like to stick to one font per piece of collateral that is consistent with my other marketing pieces and website. However, two different fonts can be used and work well in some cases. Ensure you use the fonts consistently throughout the design piece.

3. Structure

Think of your design in a grid. The grid should be balanced. When I review a design and something doesn’t feel quite right, I always look at the balance. Is there too much in one corner or is it top or bottom heavy? Sometimes simply moving a small piece of text can change the feeling of the whole design. Just like in life, a design that is well balanced works better!

4. Colours

The colours you choose for your design should always reflect your brand colours. Choose how to apply your brand colours wisely. For example, the colour of  text should always be easy to read so your audience can understand and absorb your carefully crafted message easily. Choose images that also complement your brand colours – this will assist in creating a cohesive design.

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