12 tips on fonts

Colorful letters collage

Choosing a font can be a time consuming task to say the least – so we’re presenting you with 12 tips on fonts as requested.

Spend some time before embarking on choosing a font understanding what your brand values are, and what message you want to convey with your font.

1. Download free fonts to experiment with

I came across this great post from Creative Blog on all the best places to download free fonts – get experimenting to see which fits best with your brand.

2. Check out sites to purchase fonts

With a multitude of fonts available across the web I have picked three sites to share with you which have a wide variety of high quality fonts for purchase starting from approximately $12.

My Fonts

Font Shop


3. Make a statement

Use swirling statement fonts sparingly like this one named Feel Script.

4. Keep it simple

Opt for simple and easy to read fonts for large bodies of text like this one named Table Gothic Condense.

5. Check all combinations

Be sure to check all combinations of the font including all lower case letters, all upper case letters and the combination of both.

6. Be on brand

Take a moment to think about how your brand is interpreted by your audience. Is it light and bright or professional and high quality? Match this feeling with the font you choose. For example, a bold, dark font with lots of width in the lettering won’t suit a fun and playful brand.

7. Be consistent

Choose one font for most of your marketing collateral, web copy and images. Don’t overload the reader with too many types of font as they have to readjust their eyes to reading different fonts.

8. Use accents

Use statement fonts consistently, for example, for headings. Using a statement font can help your reader to stop, read and take in the heading allowing for a better understanding of the next body of text.

9. Don’t be afraid of colour

Colouring your fonts can help break up a body of text and emphasise certain pieces of information.

10. Store your fonts

When you download a font store it in your brand folder under elements. Ensure you keep any licensing information where each font is stored also.

11. Install your font into WordPress (plus check out Google Fonts)

So you’ve found your dream font and now you need to add it to your website. Check out these tips for using your new font on WP Beginner.

12. Install your font into Microsoft Word

Use your carefully selected font to create magic with words in Microsoft Word. Check out these tips for installing your font into word.

Tell us your favourite fonts or spill your secrets about fonts in the comments below.