Building Google authority

Building google authority

Building Google authority is an important step to increasing your rank on Google.

Below I provide you with links to helpful blog posts on this topic, give you my take outs from these blog posts and some points to action for your own business.

Building Google authority fun facts


  • Create high quality content your audience is looking for
  • Be specific with your content – find your niche
  • Start pitching your guest posts to blogs with a higher authority rank than you
  • Engage with other blogs in your niche and provide well thought out comments on their posts
  • Fix broken links on your page
  • Interview an expert for your blog
  • Share your content
  • Get on Google+ immediately
  • Increase your Google+ followers and circles


  • Buy links back to your website/nor sell them to others
  • Accept trackbacks from spammy websites
  • Leave spam comments sitting on your blog
  • Use the same keywords on your website over and over again

Blog posts to help you understand what’s involved in building Google authority

Take action to start building Google authority on your blog

  • Update your social bios with rich content about your business
  • Develop three unique ideas for blog posts tailored to three separate websites with high authority and pitch your ideas
  • Start following other blogs in your niche, visit them once a fortnight and put time aside to engage with their content that speaks to you
  • Learn all you can about Google+ and take action (this is next on our list too so no doubt we will have more info on this for you in the coming months)

In conclusion, my biggest piece of advice on this topic and for your business in general is don’t let the overwhelm stop you. One thing at a time – every focused thought, every action and every effort is pushing your forward. Keep shuffling towards your goals.

If you have any hints or tips on building Google authority please share in the comments below. What worked for you?

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