The year that was 2015

The year that was

As we draw closer to the end of the year, I can’t help but reflect on the year that was 2015. With all of its wins, frustrations, new knowledge and connections 2015 has graciously delivered.

I like to spend some time relishing the wins to remind myself of why I’m in this business and why I keep blogging week after week. I am so passionate about helping small businesses to realise their marketing potential, seeing them reaching for the stars and moving toward their goals is what makes my heart sing. From website launches, to free resources for the Thread Marketing tribe and everything in between fuels my love of business.


Looking back on the frustrations throughout the year allows me to remember that what wasn’t working, or happening exactly as I had pictured is only a moment in time whether that be a day, week or a month. These experiences help me and my business grow.

Since launching Thread Marketing officially in February, I have developed personally and professionally beyond what I thought was possible in this short time. I have learnt more about time management – working 30 hours per week in the corporate world and juggling clients, the blog and creating new resources and products for Thread Marketing keeps me busy.

The two lessons I’ve learnt from this is you can only truly devote your attention to one thing at a time and everything doesn’t need to be perfect. We can spend hours beating ourselves up for everything we didn’t get finished but this doesn’t accomplish anything. I now ask myself what did I achieve? Then I spend some time celebrating what has been completed or progressed.

I’ve also gained knowledge in many areas of marketing including Google+, Facebook advertising, Google authority, SEO and so much more.


Through Thread Marketing’s Think Tank I’ve had the opportunity to connect with many people through various Facebook groups and my interview series. A big thank you to SEO power house Shae Baxter, creative fashion accessories designer Tenille, design guru Brooke Osbourne, the talented Chantal McAlister, the beautiful and warm Andrea Creighton for being part of the interview series. Their nuggets of wisdom and point of view on business is full of insights and their approach is full of heart and soul. If you’d like to be part of our interview series in 2016 I’d love to hear from you – drop me a line at

It’s been a pleasure sharing my little corner of the world wide web with you. I can promise you 2016 will bring more free resources to help you on your marketing journey, I’ll be rolling out a couple of products to kick your business up a notch and of course I’ll be crafting more blog posts to keep your marketing mind ticking along.

Celebrate the wins - image from launch day in February 2015

Celebrate the wins – image from launch day in February 2015

For the first time since Thread Marketing has launched, I have availability for new clients from February 2016. Let’s work together to pump your business full of life with words that speak directly to your audience, refresh your brand or website, increase your sales or host that event you’ve been waiting to birth. I can’t wait to hear from you – say hello by contacting us.

Happy holidays from the team behind Thread Marketing. Enjoy a well earned break with your family and friends.

– Kelly