Creating a consumer focused brand

consumer focused brand

Developing your business and brand from the consumer’s point of view provides a unique opportunity to set your business up for growth from the beginning of your journey.

Focusing on what your consumer needs combined with their values will put your business ahead of the competition. When creating a brand it’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is your unique selling proposition? What is it about you or your business that is different to your competition? Why should a consumer choose your product or service?
  2. What are your values? Your values must be engrained in everything you do. When a consumer comes into contact with your brand they should come away with an experience that leaves them knowing exactly what your values are. Do you want to leave the impression of being professional or personable? Convenient or flexible? Generous or great service?
  3. What is your brand promise? Your brand promise is what you will do for the consumer. It is often the tagline of a business.
  4. What need does it fulfil? If you fulfil a functional need and provide an easy to access, quality product or service with a smile you can be assured your customer will come back for more or recommend you to their friends, families and colleagues.

Case study: Panorama Patios

Panorama Patios came to Thread Marketing with some brand questions after changing directions with their business. They already had a name and logo, however, wanted to resonate in the hearts and minds of prospective customers.

They provide quality patios, carports and decks to their clients which can be a substantial investment. Their professionalism and experience speaks directly to the customer’s logical side however, they needed to provide a way to match this enthusiasm to their clients’ emotional side.

Using the steps above Thread Marketing recommended a change from their current tagline

Excellence is in the detail 


Delivering a lifestyle

This tagline is more focused on the consumer and the return on their investment. It conjures images of family BBQs, long chats over coffee and relaxation. Marrying the consumer’s needs with their desires proved to be a successful technique and resulted in higher sale conversions.

If you’re thinking about updating your tagline or bringing more consumer focused branding into your business or if you’re just starting a business get out the sketch pad and start brainstorming beginning with the four questions above.