I’m Kelly Watson, a passionate marketing professional with over 10 years industry experience in Australia and abroad and the Founding Director of Thread Marketing. Based in Brisbane, I aim to use technology to reach your business whether that’s locally, nationally or internationally.

Equipped with a Bachelor of Communication and a Masters of Business in Integrated Marketing Communication, I created Thread Marketing. The idea stemmed from a dream of doing more to help start-up and small businesses to expand their knowledge and to understand marketing; and to harness its power in an authentic way. I truly believe marketing is the thread shaping your customer’s journey and that it doesn’t need to be complex or confusing.

We’re here to help

At Thread Marketing, we focus on collaborating with our clients as the experts in their industry. We bring the expertise you’re looking for to:

  • Pump your business full of life with branding that speaks to your market,
  • Set killer objectives giving you a pathway to your vision, and
  • Measure your success to understand what’s genuinely working for you.

I want to help you grow your business organically by communicating the essence of your message to the right people, through the right channel. Check out Thread Marketing’s Think Tank to get clear on your business identity, how to set objectives and map out your customer journey.

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